Doug Sandy Re-Joins PICMG as Chief Technology Officer

August 18, 2017 PICMG

PICMG, a not-for-profit 501(c) consortium of companies and organizations that collaboratively develop open specifications, has announced that Doug Sandy has been re-elected the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of PICMG. Mr. Sandy has held the position since 2009 and he has recently retired from his CTO role at Artesyn Embedded Technologies.

The CTO at PICMG is responsible for the definition and administration of the specification development process. Mr. Sandy recently accepted a position in academia and will continue to dedicate his time and expertise to support the specification process at PICMG.

“We are thrilled that Doug Sandy will remain CTO of our organization,” said Jessica Isquith, President of PICMG. “With his 24+ years of industry experience and over 20 years at PICMG, his expertise in driving the formation and successful adoption of open specifications is unprecedented”.

Mr. Sandy’s term will continue to the end of 2018. For more information on PICMG and open specifications for the embedded computing industry, visit


PICMG is a not-for-profit 501(c) consortium of companies and organizations that collaboratively develop open standards for high performance industrial, military/aerospace, telecommunications, test/measurement, medical, and general purpose embedded computing applications.

There are over 150 member companies that specialize in a wide range of technical disciplines, including mechanical and thermal design, single board computer design, very high speed signaling design and analysis, networking expertise, backplane and packaging design, power management, High Availability software, and comprehensive system management.

Founded in 1994, PICMG’s original mission was to extend the PCI standard to non-desktop applications. The formal name of the organization is the PCI Industrial Computer Manufacturers Group.

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