Building the solutions for tomorrow - Embedded World 2018

February 13, 2018 ECD Staff

Want to see the exciting technology that is behind some of the biggest innovations at Embedded World in Nuremberg/Germany? See Think Silicon.

You’ll have the opportunity to view exciting demonstrations of our latest technologies; discuss your plans and requirements for on-device ultra-low power “Inference Accelerator” for artificial intelligence (AI)/convolutional neural networks, vision, and Graphics Processing Units (GPU) -based products; and meet with key Think Silicon® business and technology leaders. Find out how NEMA |GPUs and Display Controller can make an impact in your next SoC design and small display device project giving you the highest performance and lowest power in your upcoming designs.

Vision AI, Inference accelerator for the edge

-Demonstration of low-power “Vision Inference Accelerator” for “edge-devices”, AI/convolutional network processing on the NEMA|xNN platform.

Ultra-low power 3D GPU / Display Processing

-Demonstration of smallest ultra-low power 3D GPU running open graphic standard APIs and Vector Graphics for embedded systems on a 32Bit MPU SoC platform on NEMA|tiny.
-Demonstration of smallest ultra-low power 2.5D GPU running on a Synopsys ARC EMD5 32Bit MCU FPGA platform at just 33MHz on a NEMA|pico platform.

Graphics Software Analysis & Development Tools

-Demonstration of software analyzing tools to identify performance and power bottlenecks while developing graphics Software Application for display device projects on NEMA|Profiler / NEMA|Power-Model.
-Demonstration of Vertex and Fragment editing shader tool to create and compile quick GLSL Shader offline for NEMA|3D GPUs on NEMA|SHADER-Edit.
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