Avnet Introduces IoTConnect Software Platform and Smart Connectivity Solutions

January 3, 2018 ECD Staff

Avnet, a global technology distributor, announced its IoTConnect cloud-based software platform and a portfolio of smart, market-ready connectivity solutions built around the platform to help organizations jump-start development of IoT-enabled systems and services.

The highly scalable IoTConnect platform utilizes Microsoft’s enterprise-grade Azure hybrid cloud computing service to enable the seamless distribution and analysis of data across cloud and on-premise systems. Azure’s powerful security and connectivity protocols give IoTConnect users the flexibility to develop and deploy apps and solutions using their choice of tools, applications and frameworks.

In collaboration with 14 leading suppliers across its comprehensive IoT partner ecosystem, Avnet has also developed a broad selection of smart, market-ready connectivity solutions that leverage the IoTConnect platform to tackle business challenges common to many industry verticals, including manufacturing, medical, environmental, construction, retail, food processing and smart city. These digital solutions - Smart Factory, Smart Asset Monitoring, Smart Connected Worker, Smart Building, Smart Healthcare, Smart Retail, Smart Office, Smart Fleet Management and Smart Warehouse – can be deployed out of the box or tailored to meet segment-specific requirements. Avnet’s smart solutions combine advanced software capability with state-of-the-art silicon component technologies to transform real-time operational data into insightful information enabling more informed, strategic decision making.

Built on Azure services, Avnet’s IoTConnect platform and its new Smart Industry solutions, include powerful analytics, cognitive services, artificial intelligence and machine learning. The Avnet connected ecosystem, which includes Avnet.com, Hackster.io, element14 and Hardware Studio, supports more than two million customers driving IoT innovation around the world. Avnet is also a member of the IoT M2M Council (IMC), the largest and fastest-growing trade group dedicated to the IoT sector.

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