Ampex Data Systems Now Offers Cyber Security for Industrial Controls and Critical Infrastructure

April 23, 2018 ECD Staff

Ampex Data Systems, a Delta Information Systems Company, has launched BLUE Lightning, an innovative approach to cyber monitoring and defense.

BLUE Lightning provides critical, real-time, full spectrum security down to the sensor endpoint. Specifically designed to protect industrial control systems, Blue Lightning is different from any standard cyber protection tool as it is not a signature-based threat indicator. It is designed to work in-line and in-parallel installation between each control element node to monitor the flow of data from control system specific protocols.

Blue Lightning provides operators with real-time, secondary validation and data integrity of control system network protocols to detect spoofing attacks. Blue Lighting monitors every byte of every message sent in a control system and detects STUXNET, DUQU, FLAME and other malicious code.

Ampex’s patented algorithms perform historical and behavioral analysis in addition to comparative analytics and identifying abnormal behavior on the control and instrumentation network. This enables situational awareness and fidelity in the security posture of a protected control system.

Learn more about BLUE Lightning at

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