10'' Fully Rugged Android Tablet with Sunlight Readable LCD Available

August 4, 2020 Estone Technology

Estone Technology is pleased to announce the new fully rugged Android Tablet MDA-100. The MDA-100 represents a combination of the most popular rugged features and modules in a compact, 10"" screen platform. The device is ready for OEM/ODM design and manufacturing. It is a purpose-built, application-specific rugged tablet, intended for use in all types of mobile device settings, including healthcare, construction, oil and gas, logistics, and so on.

Estone's MDA-100 is powered with a fast dual-Core Cortex-A 72 processor, pairing with Quad-Core Cortex-A53 that has high compute density and infrastructure compatibility. It runs in an Android 8.0 OS, up to 4GB memory and 128GB eMMC storage. The 10.1-inch sunlight-readable display (1920x1200 Resolution) has an optional 800 NIT for outdoor/full sunlight usage.

Fully rugged, full IP65, and 4ft Drop/Shock Protection (MIL-STD-810G compliant), the product withstands the harshest environment with drops, dust, water, falls, and vibration. It runs without interruption rather than having to stop for a battery recharge with internal hot-swappable battery design, making it perfect for field workers.

With complete wireless connectivity, including WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, and blazing-fast 4G LTE

Connectivity, field workers can access or exchange data in real-time, ensuring safety, efficiency, and reliability.

For efficiency, security, and safety, MDA-100 offers optional barcode & fingerprint scanner, CAC Card, and NFC & RFID Reader, allowing the function of inventory management, asset tracking, security card checking, ID identification, and more.

MDA-100 has rich accessories. It can be easily carried, used in the docking station as a base PC, or mounted via VESA mounting holes wall dock and used as a panel PC. It also comes with the keyboard to make writing easier. The device also features rich I/O port options, including RJ45,

USB 3.0, Micro SD & SIM slot, and HDMI, among others.

MDA-100 is designed for retailers, field service providers, healthcare, transportation, and logistics companies in all-weather conditions. Its waterproof feature and rugged exterior make it easy for disinfection and cleaning, empowering healthcare professionals and field workers combating COVID-19.Highlighted Product Specifications follows:

•          10"" Rugged Industrial/Medical Tablet

•          Dual-Core Cortex-A 72, Quad-Core Cortex-A53

•          Android 8.0 Operating System

•          Optional Barcode& Fingerprint Scanner, CAC Card, NFC& RFID Reader

•          Hot Swappable Battery for Unlimited Runtime

•          Full lP65 Water & Dust Protection

•          4ft Drop/Shock Protection (MIL- STD-810G)

•          Optional Outdoor LCD Display (800 NIT)

Product Page link: https://estonetech.com/products/rugged-tablets/mda-100-android-rugged-tablet

Product Datasheet link: https://estonetech.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/MDA-100.pdf

Product Pictures link: https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/folders/1ECYic9YQ8Zqo9q2a3MAA9eztG72uf-RV

Product news link: https://estonetech.com/company-news/estones-new-10-fully-rugged-android-tablet

Estone Technology is a technology company providing Tablet PCs, Panel PCs, Embedded Boards, and other technology solutions, as well as OEM/ODM electronics design and manufacturing solutions. We support rugged industrial, medical IT, and other demanding vertical industries.

For more information, please visit: https://estonetech.com/

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