Why companies should consider joining Thread

October 31, 2017 Cees Links, Qorvo

Qorvo Wireless Connectivity (and GreenPeak Technologies before) has been an active contributor to the Thread Group since 2015. Qorvo chose to support Thread as it appeared to be a “must-have” network-layer solution, in addition to wireless communication standards like Zigbee, Bluetooth, or Wi-Fi.

Thread comes at the right time, supporting widespread adoption of end-to-end IP connectivity over low-power radio links. By leveraging the progress made in standardizing low-footprint, low-power IP technology, and its increased availability over the past years, the industry can now explore endless novel use cases.

The Thread Group’s approach to wireless mesh networking reduces the time needed to develop and implement a proven solution. The Thread networking protocol lets companies provide a future-proof platform for gateways and set-top boxes, ready to support a new breed of connected devices for developing smart-home products, including appliances, access control, climate control, energy management, lighting, safety, and security. Thanks to this network protocol—and the Thread Group’s work with UL Labs to rigorously test products that use Thread—these devices will be able to securely talk to each other through its mesh network, with a low battery consumption, and no single point of failure.

In addition to its low energy footprint, the Thread networking protocol is a native IPv6 solution for reliable, cost-effective, wireless device-to-device and device-to-cloud communications. Plus, it uses banking-class AES encryption and advanced device-authentication to provide robust security at the network layer, running over existing 802.15.4 radio silicon.

The Thread certification program guarantees network interoperability with other Thread devices, which broadens companies’ ecosystems. This past August, Qorvo became the first non-founding Thread Group member to achieve Thread certification. Qorvo GP712 platform supports OpenThread, an initiative by Nest, to have an open source implementation of the Thread protocol.

The Thread protocol is gaining momentum, accelerating and fostering growth in IoT, and providing tremendous value for both businesses and consumers.

Cees Links is the General Manager of Qorvo’s Wireless Connectivity business unit.

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