VersaLogic announces rugged Ethernet Over Fiber Mini PCIe expansion module

September 10, 2017 ECD Staff

VersaLogic today announced the E4, an Ethernet Over Fiber Mini PCIe expansion module. Ethernet over fiber offers an dependable, highly secure Ethernet connection that operates over longer distances than copper. Where security matters, a fiber-optic connection excels. Fiber-optic cables have no electromagnetic signature, making them very difficult to tap compared to wired connections.

According to VersaLogic, the E4:

  • allows cable runs five times longer than Ethernet over copper
  • protects against external electromagnetic interference and electrical surges
  • provides security by removing the electro-magnetic signature from the connecting cables
  • works over the full industrial temperature range of -40° to +85°C
  • provides 1 Gbit/s speed with full duplex support

The rugged E4 module provides a standardized way to add a bi-directional gigabit channel of Ethernet over fiber to an embedded computing solution. Utilizing latching multi-mode LC type connectors, the E4 can transmit and receive data up to 550 m. This suits the module for defense and medical applications. It meets MIL-STD-202G specifications to withstand high impact and vibration. The latching LC fiber optic connector provides additional protection within harsh environments.

The E4’s small Mini PCIe format allows it to be added to an embedded board with little impact on the system’s overall size. Compatible with various popular x86 operating systems including Windows, Windows Embedded, and Linux, the E4 uses standard Ethernet software drivers.

Th module is RoHS compliant, and includes VersaLogic’s 5+ year production life guarantee. The E4 is customizable, even in low OEM quantities. Customization options include conformal coating, revision locks, custom labeling, customized testing and screening, etc. The VL-MPEe-E4E is available from stock. Pricing is $275 in OEM quantities.

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