MIPI Completes A-PHY for Long-Reach Automotive Data Transfer

June 4, 2020 Brandon Lewis

The MIPI Alliance has completed the A-PHY v1.0 interface specification for automotive data transfer. A-PHY 1.0 is a long-reach (15 meters) SerDes interface that operates as a point-to-point asymmetric data link. It delivers high-speed unidirectional data, bi-directional control data, and optional power delivery over one cable, eliminating the need for a combination of MIPI C-PHY or D-PHY interfaces, bridges, and proprietary long-reach PHYs in current vehicle networks.

Highlights of the interface include:

  • Data transfer speeds of 2, 4, 8, 12, and 16 Gbps (roadmap to 48 Gbps)
  • Ultra-low 1E-18 packet error rate
  • A PHY layer retransmission system that generates ultra-high EMC immunity

A-PHY will natively support transport protocols such as MIPI CSI-2, MIPI DSI-2, DisplayPort, Embedded DisplayPort, and others. As such, it can be integrated as a complementary interface tot network backbones such as Ethernet, CAN, FlexRay, etc.

The A-PHY v1.0 specification is under member review and expected to be adopted within 90 days. Compliance test suites are already under development.

A webinar outlining the new specification will take place on June 30th. Interested parties can register here: https://www.mipi.org/events/mipi-webinar-a-phy-cornerstone-automotive-system-solution.

For more information, visit mipi.org.

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