Embedded Toolbox: A Window to the Cloud with Atmosphere IoT

October 4, 2019 Brandon Lewis
The Internet of Things is asking embedded developers to do a lot more than they are used to, or comfortable with. 
In addition to their usual responsibilities like hardware engineering or firmware development, IoT systems involve wireless networking chops, provisioning expertise, and sometimes even mobile app skills. All of this is really just so an embedded sensor node can talk to the cloud.
But it doesn't have to be that complicated, or even take that long, to achieve all of this. Especially if you have the right tools in your development toolbox. 
Tune in to this week's Embedded Toolbox, where Richard LaBorde of Atmosphere IoT shows how the company's visual programming platform enables "fast time to first data" in IoT projects. Like lightning fast. Like "in less than 10 minutes" fast.
Using an AdaFruit Huzzah32 development kit based on Espressif Systems' ESP32 wireless MCU, Richard develops a connected moisture sensor that reports time-series data and can be controlled from a mobile application, which he also develops within the Atmosphere IoT platform.

To learn more about how you can accelerate your IoT development efforts, visit Atmosphere IoT online at https://atmosphereiot.com.
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