COMPUTEX Taipei: Cavium displays OCTEON Fusion technology in advance of OCTEON III release

June 6, 2015 OpenSystems Media

Leading up to the release of their OCTEON III network processors last week [Link], Cavium had their full portfolio on display at the Grand Hyatt during COMPUTEX Taipei. Sunil Kaul walked me through most of their offerings, including the OCTEON Fusion processor family, essentially a selection of base stations-on-a-chip.

The value add of OCTEON Fusion is foremost provided through the complete software stack, which enables network operators to get to market quickly using the multimode (FDD/TDD agnostic) chipsets. As LTE rollouts will prove to be a major component of the IoT connectivity equation, Cavium’s OCTEON Fusion reference designs can be utilized to give network engineers a quick start in the growing small cell space.

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Brandon Lewis, Technology Editor
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