Neosen Energy and Senet Work Together to Expand LoRa Networks for Schools, Medical and Businesses

January 9, 2019 Laura Dolan

Plano, TX and Portsmouth, NH. Neosen Energy and Senet, Inc. will partner up to launch campus safety products connected over Senet’s LoRaWAN network, providing the fastest response geo-locating system. 

Senet and Neosen Energy are working together to zero in on applications that could potentially benefit from IoT. Neosen Energy brings its system design and cloud computing knowledge to applications on disposable and rechargeable IoT devices, while Senet’s distinctive plan for IoT business engagement will help expand the platform.

Neosen Energy has also partnered with SafeKard to focus on school campus ID Cards. They provide a sleek ultramodern ID card holder that accepts any ID Badge Access Key Card and is fortified with a panic button that sends immediate SOS alerts with the user's ID and location. The new design is conducive for any market that requires ID badges.    

"Collaborating with SafeKard and Senet introduces Neosen Energy to a fast-growing IoT ecosystem," said Paul Garrity, CEO of Neosen Energy. "We are excited to have Senet as our network partner for the next wave of disposable and rechargeable LoRaWAN products. The adoption of these safety devices and solutions is just beginning but we anticipate that it will spread across numerous IoT applications that use ID cards, including college and corporate campuses, hospitals, elderly homes, construction sites, cityscape management associations, asset management and advertising.”

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