‘IoT-ing’ in Varied Industries Becoming a Global Sensation

July 2, 2019 Malav Kargathra, TRooTech

Ever imagined a planet where your every action or reaction or maybe your emotions will be interconnected to gadgets through the internet? 

We can live a life where the streetlights get switched-on automatically when your car passes by or your coffee gets automatically brewed as soon as the morning alarm gets turned off. 

Having the convenience at its best, all your car operations can be controlled on your mobile, be it to open/close your car door, auto start your car, manage gears or the car steering and giving city residents real-time updates on the vacant parking spaces.

What if a device can take care of your senior parents when you are away? Or an IoT device that notifies you when your loved one took her medicine or when she lit a stove or her exact location?

All these scenarios are not so far-fetched that the Internet of Things is going to make it unbelievably real through its amazing possibilities. 

In fact, the future is now, as IoT is transforming the globe to be as connected as never before.  

The best part is, IoT is also drastically penetrating into current dominant industries in almost all of the business verticals.

And in order to stay parallel to these IoT trends, it is now becoming essential for every startup, small or large-scale company and even for the consumers to explore the recent IoT developments in varied industries. 

That said, let’s explore real-world examples of IoT projects in different industries.

‘IoTing’ in Home Automation 

Building the world of smart homes, piece by piece! 

Today, a single device becomes a central control system to operate security cameras, heating systems or air conditioners, lights or even to turn on/off your kitchen stove. A simple voice command can prepare breakfast or list the cooking ingredients available in your kitchen when you are busy shopping at the store. Yes, your smart device can directly contact you to inform you that the milk in the fridge is sour, or your prescribed medicines have expired, or your recipe needs more sugar in it to make it the perfect dish. We can call it the ‘Internet of kitchen Things.’ 

Let’s explore a few real examples of IoT-ing in home automation:  

  • Akita - Instant privacy for smart homes

This IoT product is a simple box-like device that secures your privacy at home, your private data, and notifies you in case of any unknown operations going on in your private network or on your other IoT devices. It can monitor every single device in your home, keeping track of them, and tracking any suspicious activity going on within the devices or on your private network.

  • KoolThings - a comprehensive concept for users to manage all their routine activities at home

KoolThings has diverse features. It can assist with personal safety, voice commands to play the music of your choice, change the color combinations of the lights or synchronize them with the music, special child safety features, finding keys/mobile/other objects, smart home solutions, two-way audio baby monitor, remote control, health and fitness tracking, setting the TV time for kids, pet safety and much more.

‘IoT-ing’ in the Automotive Industry

Today, the automotive industry is advancing to the stage where every vehicle should be connected and creatively IoTed to survive in the market.  

Yes! The world of connected cars, smart vehicle devices, and advanced safety technology with a one-tap emergency button for any mishap or road accidents, keeping manual interventions during a drive to the minimum. 

Check out the recent IoT projects in the automotive industry:

  • PACE - Connect your car into a smart car

It’s an IoT app that connects your car with your smartphone to help you drive stress-free, safer, and economical. It helps users safely reach their destination, avoid traffic, use auto emergency call facility, find-my-car option or even searching the cheapest fuel station nearby. 

  • Auto I - Smart vehicle security system

This IoT product and vehicle security system has a 360-degree dash cam to alert you by sending footage on your mobile for all the movements or impacts happening on your vehicle. 

It’s complete security for all driving situations like breakdowns, theft, tracking teenage drivers, traffic, hit-and-runs, towing and much more.   

  • Jyrobike - Auto balance bicycle

This IoT bicycle automatically corrects the steering and balances both the rider and the bicycle. It’s specially designed for differently-abled children and bicycle learners without any need of the training wheels.  

‘IoT-ing’ in Health Care 

With the advancement of IoT in the health care industry, there is a strong sense of revolution about to happen in the medical diagnosis and treatment markets. It has widened the possibilities in the medicine domain, especially giving doctors, pharmacies and even patients an advanced level of control on their method of diagnosis, medical supplies and treatments.

Recent health care IoT products are antiquating the traditional systems:  

  • CYCORE - smart cancer treatment monitoring system 

It’s a blood pressure and weight scale cuff that’s Bluetooth enabled. This health care IoT product also has an inbuilt tracking system that sends patients’ health and symptom updates to their physicians. This helps cancer patients experience minor or less severe cancer symptoms and easily face the dreaded chemotherapy treatments. 

  • Open APS - Open Artificial Pancreas System 

This IoT product is an automated insulin delivery system for diabetics. It offers real-time monitoring of the patient's blood glucose levels along with automatic quantity adjustment of insulin delivered into the system. It prevents extreme lows and highs and keeps the blood glucose level within a safe range. 

‘IoT-ing’ in Logistics 

It offers every step in the goods transit process from a request for goods pick up, managing tonnage, advanced product safety during transit, driver-friendly navigation systems, live tracking of goods’ condition and location to the double verification of successful goods delivery, and lastly a single tap payment system. All the logistics tasks are made effortless through IoT technology. 

Want to know how? Let’s explore recent IoT products developed for logistics operations:

  • NB-IoT based smart cold chain monitoring solution

This IoT solution helps DHL use minimal power consumption in connecting a large number of devices for their logistics operations. Furthermore, it provides visibility and streamlining of critical data in warehouse operations, last mile delivery, and all the freight operations of DHL.  

  • IBM IoT technology used to develop Rotterdam as the world’s smartest port

This IoT technology has made the port operations all digital. Authorities can enjoy real-time ship movements tracking. They can easily track, monitor and quickly control situations related to the port infrastructure, weather and receive data to collect the water depth levels. This IoT solution is designed to improve port efficiencies along with maintaining stringent quality standards to ease out shipments and other logistics processes happening at the port.

‘IoT-ing’ in the Agriculture Industry

Today, IoT technology is the key success factor behind high agricultural production with the lowest possible cost. The farmers and agricultural businesses have already started adopting smart farming solutions to produce high-quality farm products faster with minimal human intervention and maximum capacity possible. 

Check out recent IoT solutions developed in the agriculture industry: 

  • CROPX’s soil monitoring system

This IoT based system effortlessly measures temperature, moisture, and electrical conductivity in the soil. It is a smart farming solution that guides the farmers on how much and when to irrigate the crops. 

  • PrecisionHawk’s drone data platform

This IoT based drone performs inflight monitoring and analyzing that are essential for mapping, imaging and surveying the agricultural land. The farmers can select the location of the field that needs to be surveyed and choose a field altitude or resolution for it before flying the drone into the sky. This IoT farming tool detects weather conditions like air pressure, wind speed and collects multispectral imagery before landing at the exact place where it took off.  

The Tipping Point!

The Internet of Things is penetrating and changing the globe into a highly connected planet. 

Sophisticated sensors are embedded in the devices that surround us, each of which transmits large quantities of valuable data and smoothly puts this information to work. 

Whether it’s giving drivers the real-time notifications on the nearby vacant parking spaces or improving the production of a factory or monitoring our own personal health, it’s the IoT platform that brings diverse information together and provides a fluent language to the apps and devices to easily communicate with each other through the internet. 

IoT functions right from the highest level of data security, consolidated solutions for cloud platforms and huge investments in smart cities, smart homes or smart retail. 

That said, IoT products are definitely in the mainstream to transform the way we live and the way we work. 

Most importantly, it is rapidly changing the way all the industries are experiencing digital transformation. 

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