HCC Embedded Releases SafeexFAT File System for Failsafe Data Storage

September 5, 2019 Laura Dolan

HCC Embedded launched SafeexFAT, a reliable, RTOS-independent exFAT file system implementation. It prevents loss of data in applications including automotive, industrial and medical.  

SafeexFat helps the user employ target verification within a comprehensive test suite. The verification measures produce errors at the media driver level to confirm that a product functions properly when integrated.

“Our expertise in failsafety and experience working with multiple RTOSes in complex embedded environments, has been proven in more than 2,000 projects over the past 17 years,” said HCC Embedded’s CEO, Dave Hughes. “SafeexFAT brings proven reliability to our exFAT solution for manufacturers across all industries who are particularly concerned about losing their file system. With SafeexFAT we can ensure reliable data storage for these customers and help solve their challenges related to integration with complex and resource-constrained, embedded systems.”

Learn more at https://www.hcc-embedded.com/safeexfat.

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