Aetina Utilizes New AI Concept, SparkBot, for Medical Environments

June 30, 2020 Tiera Oliver

Aetina Corporation announced SparkBot, experimental robots developed for the medical environment.

The AN110-NAO robot, one of the SparkBot medical concept robots, is based on the NVIDIA Jetson Nano module, Dot. It is the smallest robot of the SparkBot series. Aetina integrated air sensors and face-mask-detection software into their robots. Once it is set up at the entrance of the hospital, it could record the air condition and the access control, stop people without a face mask, and prevent insecure access.

The AN310-TX2 robot is based on the NVIDIA Jetson TX2 module, Line. It serves as the nursing robot, equipped the clip, depth camera, and skeleton detection software. Line could hand stuff to the patients by orders, move by an easy gesture, and skeleton detection keeps the patients safe on the bed.

The AX710-XAV robot is based on the NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier module, Surface. Surface is the first design with the concept of an autonomous vehicle. It could go around by itself and execute environmental detection and perception, prevent any accident or collision, and turn into the hospital. Surface can move medication and biomedical waste through the hospital and lower the chance of unnecessary touch from human to human.

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