Swissbit Releases Secure Boot for Raspberry Pi

May 20, 2020 Brandon Lewis
Swissbit has released the Swissbit Secure Boot Solution for Raspberry Pi, a data encryption and access protection mechanism based on the "Raspberry Edition" of the PS-45u-DP-microSD card and a companion software development kit. The solution ensures the integrity of Raspberry Pi 2 and 3B+ bootloaders to protect against unauthorized data access, code manipulation, and IP violations within applications.
The PS-45u-DP-microSD card "Raspberry Edition" is a long-lifecycle flash device suitable for industrial applications that allows hardware-based security functions to  be implemented separately from the Raspberry Pi host CPU. Data encrypted on the microSD card can only be accessed using a configurable authentication function. Configuration settings include the ability to define a maximum number of invalid access attempts.
When using the Swissbit Secure Boot Solution for Raspberry Pi users can  implement security policies through the PU-50n DP "Raspberry Edition" USB authentication dongle, a pin input, or a Net-Policy-Server. The microSD card can also be paired with  the host CPU.
The Swissbit Secure Boot Solution for Raspberry Pi is available from Digi-Key, Farnell, and  Mouser. More information can be found at

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