GLOBALFOUNDRIES Introduces Avera Semi for Custom ASIC Solutions

November 1, 2018 Laura Dolan

GLOBALFOUNDRIES introduces Avera Semiconductor LLC, which will provide custom silicon solutions to an expansive variety of applications and will deliver ASIC offerings on 14/12nm and more established technologies while making alternate foundry processes accessible at 7nm and beyond.

Avera Semi’s range of capabilities include:

●      ASIC offerings on both leading-edge and proven process technologies
●      A prolific IP portfolio, including high-speed SerDes, high-performance embedded TCAMs, ARM cores and performance and density-optimized embedded SRAMs
●      A comprehensive, production-proven design methodology that supplements a record of first-time-right results reducing development costs and time-to-market
●      Advanced packaging options that will increase bandwidth, eliminate I/O bottlenecks, and reduce memory area, latency and power
●      Flexible ASIC business engagement models granting the ability to supplement in-house resources for clients with reinforcements from experienced chip design, methodology, test and packaging teams

The new company will have Kevin O’Buckley at the helm. He has been a leader in the ASIC business since 2015 when he joined GF as part of the IBM Microelectronics acquisition.

“I couldn’t imagine a better time to launch a new venture focused on delivering custom ASIC solutions,” O’Buckley said. “Data traffic and bandwidth demands have exploded, and next-generation systems for cloud and communications must deliver more performance and handle more complexity than ever before. Avera Semi has the right combination of expertise and technology to help our clients design and build high-performance, highly optimized semiconductor solutions.”

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