DesignCon 2019 Introduces Machine Learning for Microelectronics, Signaling & System Design Track

December 13, 2018 Laura Dolan

Santa Monica, CA – DesignCon will feature a new conference track, Machine Learning for Microelectronics, Signaling & System Design, that will offer attendees an interactive opportunity to explore the developing industry of machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence for hardware and electronics design. DesignCon will occur January 29 – 31, 2019 at the Santa Clara Convention Center.

The Machine Learning for Microelectronics, Signaling & System Design will consist of helping attendees measure and train dynamic neural networks, a panel discussion, and eight technical sessions reviewing real world AI and ML deployment for hardware design, along with other topics.

This conference track applies machine-learning applications as alternative solutions to traditional methods. Focus points will include behavioral models, optimization for electronics design, and system analytics with machine learning techniques. Participants will also learn to facilitate fast, accurate design and verification for microelectronic circuits and systems by creating machine-learning algorithms to develop models for electronics and system design automation.

“The machine learning and artificial intelligence revolution poses immense opportunity for design engineers to provide new solutions to today’s challenging problems. The proliferation of design and technology is quickly changing the role of the design engineer and this year’s updated and brand-new tracks are an excellent way for attendees to stay up to date with today’s trends,” said Suzanne Deffree, UBM’s Brand Director, Intelligent Systems and Design. “For the first time, DesignCon affords attendees the opportunity to interact with today’s top minds in the industry in a dedicated, intimate setting and learn how to leverage AI and ML for real world applications.”

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