Continental Acquires Minority Stake in Cartica AI

September 4, 2019 Laura Dolan

Continental has gained a minority stake in Cartica AI, which develops artificial intelligence (AI) software that helps to speed up machine learning in the field of object recognition in automobiles.

Continental has been participating in the field of AI for object recognition in ADAS. The sensor data and images are employed to detect objects in the road with the help of the software in the vehicle control units.

Continental believes Cartica AI software has the potential to help new vehicle systems from various companies and manufacturers work on the fast development of object recognition for the entire industry.

“Cartica AI offers the opportunity for faster production of AI projects in the automotive sector. It could be an alternative to lengthy and complex human safeguards in the area of data quality in machine learning,” said Continental’s head of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, Demetrio Aiello.

“Continental’s investment in Cartica AI underscores its strategy of becoming an AI-empowered company. To this end, we already rely on nearly 500 AI experts within the company. In addition, we have established an intensive scientific network in the field of AI through our partnerships with international research institutes. The investment in Cartica AI as a risk capital provider now forms the third pillar of our activities in the AI environment. This is where we support promising AI companies,” Aiello continued.

Continental’s objective is to make the Cartica AI software available to the entire automotive industry and accelerate the implementation of AI technologies for safe mobility going forward.

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