Candera Presents Smart Photoshop Importer for Rapid HMI Creation

September 10, 2020 Tiera Oliver

With the release of CGI Studio 3.9 Summer 2020, Candera provides new features to improve usability regarding HMI creation. The new core feature of 3.9 is a preview of a smart AI-based Photoshop Importer bringing static UI artworks to life.

This Smart Photoshop Importer enables import Photoshop files into CGI Studio in order to transform them into full functional HMIs. The technology behind this tool is an AI based UI/UX element detection and mapping technology.

Based on innovative AI detection algorithm technologies, Candera's Smart Photoshop Importer has one goal, to speed up the whole HMI creation process. While other HMI design tools oblige the user to manually add functionality to each single element of their UI artwork, Candera's Smart Photoshop Importer will handle this job automatically. It imports the PSD files into CGI Studio, detects relevant components like gauges, sliders, buttons and many more, and adds the most probable functionality to each of these elements. All the user has to do is to double-check and, in some cases, do small manual adaptions.

Users of CGI Studio 3.9 will get to know first features in a preview of a Smart Photoshop Importer, the next releases will include the Smart Photoshop Importer in its full functionality.

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