Aetina Lead Edge AIoT with SparkBot On Display in EW2020

February 18, 2020 Aetina

TAIPEI, Feb. 18, 2020 -- In a continuous artificial intelligent IoT market, all kinds of AI devices have shown off to the market. At the first moment of industry intellectualize, cloud computing and big data had taken their position. However, the second movement of AI, the external applications, and different faces of smart thinking have been revealing to the world. Aetina Corporation had noted the importance from the side of edge AI, and soon it positioned GPGPU solutions and the edge AI computing platform provider as its enterprises.

Aetina is focusing on industrial GPUPU and GPU based computing platform, which request customized and version variety, and in compliance with the Edge AIoT environment. To enhance the essential ability in this clear market trend and fulfill the requirements from the AI developers, Aetina Corporation has set a plan called SparkBot. The name of SparkBot combined the vocabulary of "spark" and "robot," which means passion and sparks of Aetina for AIoT integration. In the meanwhile, Aetina SparkBot ignites AI power from the edge and to encourage and push the industry to move forward. It is a plan not only keep integrating software and hardware onto the Aetina AI computing platform in advance but also trigger the developers some ideas of edge AI applications. SparkBot persists in related product development, collaborate with vertical SI (system integration) companies, also enthusiastically signing MOUs (memorandum of understanding) with edge ecosystem partners. Moreover, Aetina designed experimental robot development in the SparkBot project for not only for demonstration reasons. SparkBot also put the AI ideas together, bringing more possibilities for smart environment uses.

Aetina will display live-demo of experimental robots of SparkBot in Embedded World. There are three kinds of robots and platforms available to demonstrate. There are Surface, TurtleBot Waffle Pi with Aetina Jetson AGX Xavier-AX710 platform; Line, TurtleBot Burger with Aetina Jetson TX2-AN310 platform; Dot, TurtleBot Burger with Aetina Jetson Nano-AN110 platform. The idea Aetina SparkBot going to show is a logistic application scenario, including warehouse access control and remote management, industrial robot, and automatic vehicles will be on display in the exhibition.

Aetina aims to complete the edge AIoT and bring more ideas and solutions for the industries. For more details, visit Aetina in Embedded World 2020 at Hall 1#1-207, or to get deeper in Aetina edge AIoT ecosystem.

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