The Industrial Internet Consortium Releases its Journal of Innovation Trustworthiness Edition

October 2, 2018 Laura Dolan

Trust. It’s a word that packs a punch and generates many expectations. Whether it’s in a professional or personal setting, trust is something that gives people peace of mind. Especially in the embedded systems industry, you want to trust that your systems work flawlessly and that trustworthiness in turn provides the security that so many have come to rely upon in the age of IIoT.

The Industrial Internet Consortium has published its ninth edition of the Journal of Innovation. The latest issue divulges the important role trustworthiness plays in complex IIoT systems.            

It discusses innovative ideas, approaches, products, and services being developed within the industrial internet market such as data, IoT and digital transformation, Artificial Intelligence, smart cities, the smart factory and edge computing.

The journal’s main objective is to express how trustworthiness takes precedence over security in an IIoT system and takes a deeper look into how implementing that principle may change the future of IIoT system behavior.

The latest edition consists of nine articles that were contributed by leaders from IIC member companies including LHP Engineering Solutions, Microsoft, Entrust Datacard, Fujitsu, Nokia and others.

To download the Journal of Innovation’s Trustworthiness Edition, go to

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