Pre-Register for Embedded World Panel Discussions

Embedded Computing Design (hall 5-341) will be hosting daily educational tracks on the hottest topics affecting today’s engineers. Engineers can visit the booth each day to listen and learn from the leaders in the embedded space. You can also register online early for your chance to win a Dev Kit from Digi-Key.

Panel Titles/Abstracts:

Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML), Wed. 12 PM
Machine learning is the subset of artificial intelligence that generally apples to industrial applications. It lets the machines/equipment make decisions at the Edge, based on data that’s gathered at the Edge. In this Panel Session, we’ll look at the current trends in AI/ML.

Automotive, Wed. 1 PM
Autonomous drive is here, in various forms, including, cars, trucks, and other forms of transportation or delivery. This panel will look at the current state of the art, and what’s needed to reach the goal of full autonomous drive.

Predictive Maintenance Using the IIoT, Tues. 3 PM
Industrial systems, manufacturing equipment, robotics, etc., need to be maintained. There’s no getting around that. Doing it on your own schedule, rather than at the most inopportune time can lead to costly delays. This panel will look at what’s need to implement predictive maintenance.

Designing for Industrial Applications, Tues. 4 PM
In many settings, industrial equipment needs to run 24/7/365. That’s different from many other applications, where a little down time is no big deal. This panel will look at what’s needed to ensure that your equipment runs non-stop.

Security, Tues. 2 PM
The hackers are out there, and they are not going away. Combine that with most experts’ belief that it’s not possible to build an unhackable system. But you need to be good enough. This panel will explore what “good enough” means, and how you get there. AI at the Industrial Edge, Wed. 2 PM

The path to the smart factory is full of obstacles, from fragmented toolsets to ancient hardware. Our expert panel at embedded world 2020 will discuss these challenges and recommend solutions.

Topics will include:
• Why inference needs to happen at the edge
• How to orchestrate AI from the cloud
• How to integrate with legacy systems 

CEO panel, Wed. 4 PM
Security Is EVERYONE’S Responsibility
If It’s Not Secure, Nothing Else Matters

You can design the fastest, smallest, cheapest…throw out whatever adjective you want, but it doesn’t matter if the system is not secure. In this panel, we’ve assembled the CEOs of the companies that must make it happen. That includes the hardware, the operating system, the tools, the processors, the boards, and the systems. They’ll tell us why you should be confident in the security of your design (or not).

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