FreeWave Technologies introduces advanced embedded radio

September 28, 2017 ECD Staff

FreeWave Technologies recently released its ZumLink Z9-PC 900-MHz radio, which is aimed at embedded applications. It’s designed to function in rugged environments for a variety of applications across Industrial IoT (IIoT) markets, including defense, precision agriculture, oil and gas, unmanned systems, smart cities, and utilities. Future iterations of the Z9-PC will feature full programmability with third-party applications, which could be a differentiator for wireless within the IIoT. This will allow designers to access and utilize data and provide command and control in the field.

Features of the Z9-PC include:

  • five RF link rates, from 115.2 kbits/s  to 4 Mbits/s
  • 128-bit and 256-bit AES counter mode encryption
  • multiple link rates, channel size,s and modulations
  • frequency hopping and single channel

The ZumLink Z9-PC is available now. Pricing varies, depending upon quantity.

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