Virtium StorFly-ICS offers intelligent, secure storage for the IIoT

March 22, 2018 Jamie Leland

Virtium has released its StorFly-ICS Industrial-Cloud Edge storage solution – a durable hardware and integrated software suite that analyzes, manages, and protects critical data in Industrial IoT  (IIoT) edge applications, including communications, networking, energy, transportation, industrial automation, and medical. The solution employs advanced data handling and software defined storage to improve IIoT system efficiency, and reduces costs through remote monitoring, predictive maintenance, and storage optimization. The architecture is scalable and customizable and offers end-to-end data security protection. 

StorFly-ICS offers 128GB to 1TB of capacity; connectivity through 100/1000 Ethernet, Wi-Fi, LTE, and USB; and CAN and Serial ports. The platform is SED AES-256-compliant and is compatible with MQTT, HHTP, and CoAP protocols, and with AWS and Azure cloud services. It operates in a temperature range of -40ºC to 85Cº and offers a 5 year warranty.

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