UL accepts HARTING Technology Group into Client Test Data Program

January 22, 2018 Jamie Leland

The Underwriters Laboratories (UL) has granted HARTING Technology Group approval and license for its Client Test Data Program. The Client Test Data program allows HARTING to test products in its own in-house test laboratory and submit the data to UL to streamline the certification process. Consequently, HARTING has integrated UL certification requirements into its product development lifecycle, which allows them to license products more efficiently in North American markets. 

The Client Test Data program applies to HARTING products as well as jointly-developed customer-specific solutions.

"UL‘s acceptance of our test laboratory into this program means that we can now license our products even more quickly for the American market and push forward efficiently with customer-specific solutions that we develop jointly with our customers," says Dr. Stephan Middelkamp, Head of Quality & Technology Services at HARTING Technology Group.

More information on HARTING products and development services can be found at www.harting-usa.com.

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