People and Products Podcast: The Growing LoRaWAN Community

July 1, 2019 Alix Paultre

There is a lot of development horsepower currently being focused on the Internet of Things, in all its flavors, and the wireless Cloud infrastructure needed to support the myriad devices and the multiple functionalities they provide. At the recent LoRaWAN Live! Conference in Berlin, we had a chance to talk to Shekeb Fateh, the Director of Business Development at Miromico, a company providing electronic system design services.

The current design environment is a disruptive and volatile one, as multiple RF protocols and competing infrastructures maneuver to become the dominant IoT technology. There is a tremendous amount of demand in the market for smart-facility solutions, and there is a lot of activity as the industry scrambles to create them. 

The design services offered by Miromico include the development of analog, digital, and mixed-signal ICs, RF circuits and systems, and  technical verification and production oversight. In our conversation, we talk about the growing LoRaWAN community and how designers must address issues of power, efficiency, and functionality. Schekeb also talks about the suitability of LoRaWAN technology over other competitive RF-based Cloud infrastructure.

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