Single or Open Source: What's Best for Wide-Area Wireless?

April 29, 2019 The Embedded Insiders

The Embedded Insiders briefly review the results of an IoT developer survey from the Eclipse Foundation, which found that two-thirds of engineers are currently or plan to launch an IoT project in the next 18 months ( Given the pervasiveness of IoT, does that even mean anything anymore?

Afterward, the Insiders slide into a discussion of wide-area networks prompted by Alix Paultre's recent engagements with The Things Network. Do recent announcements in 5G have any impact on the advancement of LoRa-based technologies such as those developed by The Things Network, or is there still ample market opportunity (See: "The Truth About 5G and When it Will Be Here")? Will Semtech's LoRa monopoly stifle the industry, or help it grow sustainably? 

Tune in to find out more.

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