Sensera Joins Forces with Autodesk to Present 3D IoT Positioning Solution

September 19, 2019 Laura Dolan

Sensera Limited was chosen by Autodesk to participate in its Residency Program at its Technology Center in Boston, MA.

The Residency Program at the Autodesk Technology Centers offers open workspaces for industry, academic and startup teams exploring innovative work in construction, manufacturing and design segments.

One of the Sensera’s location-tracking tags on a crane at the Boston Autodesk Technology Center

Sensera will be showcasing its real-time 3D location services and smart sensor visualization, demonstrating centimeter-precision 3D location tracking throughout multiple stories of the building where a crane operates.

Sensors will be affixed to a forklift truck, for example, or a moving component such as a crane hook, where the data will be automatically tied to its location. An Intel NUC edge device will then run location engine software and IoT middleware with data analytics and user interface.

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