RS Components’ DesignSpark helps makers bring product to market

April 24, 2018 Brandon Lewis

LONDON. RS Components has released a beta version of the DesignSpark Marketplace, a platform that allows makers and startups to promote and sell product to a community of more than 650,000 engineers. Any product related to electronics or 3D printing can be listed in the DesignSpark Marketplace, from add-on boards for Raspberry Pi or Arduino to wearables. The DesignSpark platform is free for both buyers and sellers, and there are no fees or commissions associated with sales.

“One of the biggest challenges today for makers, engineers and other budding entrepreneurs is getting their new products and creations in front of potential customers and being able to test the market before committing their design to mass production,” says Mike Bray, Head of DesignSpark at RS. “DesignSpark Marketplace is an innovative solution that enables makers and many others to list their products and promote them to a very wide audience. DesignSpark Marketplace also completes the concept-to-creation-to-market process for engineers, meaning that DesignSpark now helps engineers design, promote and sell their products across a single platform.”

The DesignSpark Marketplace extends the DesignSpark platform, which also offers free-to-use tools for PCB, electrical, and mechanical design. DesignSpark also includes a community element with libraries and information repositories, and permits users to submit content about their ideas on to gauge market interest.

More information on the DesignSpark Marketplace can be found at

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