Renesas to Attend Arm TechCon 2019 Showcasing Portfolio for Secure, Connected and Intelligent IoT

October 4, 2019 Laura Dolan

Renesas will appear at Arm TechCon in booth #443, October 8-10, to exhibit its portfolio of secure embedded solutions for intelligent sensor nodes in connected vehicles.   

Renesas will showcase security, connectivity, human-machine interface (HMI) solutions and energy harvesting technologies via its Arm-based MCUs and MPUs. These solutions are providing intelligent IoT to endpoint devices for many industries such as smart homes, smart buildings, connected health care, connected factories, agriculture and automotive.

Renesas’ solution demos include:

  • Security from Endpoint to Cloud 
  • Advanced HMI 
  • Endpoint Intelligence 
  • Energy Harvesting with Silicon-on-Thin-Buried-Oxide (SOTB) Technology
  • Accelerated Path to Automotive Production

For more information, visit

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