Renesas Electronics’ 32-bit RX65N MCUs Achieve Amazon FreeRTOS Qualification

January 8, 2019 Laura Dolan

Tokyo, Japan. Renesas Electronics Corporation’s RX65N group of microcontrollers have achieved Amazon FreeRTOS qualification, running on Amazon Web Services (AWS), making it simple for embedded designers to create a more secure end-to-end IoT cloud solution for sensor-based endpoint devices.

With the RX65N-based design, sensor data transmission over Wi-Fi or Ethernet is enabled, allowing users to oversee and regulate smart meters in addition to building industrial automation systems using a PC dashboard.

Using Amazon FreeRTOS, the RX65N MCU-based endpoint device can be more securely implemented sans the complication of surmounting millions of devices. Once a cloud connection has been made, IoT apps can leverage all of the cloud’s capabilities or continue processing data locally with AWS IoT Greengrass.

“Our customers developing new IoT designs require a solution that provides easy implementation while enforcing security to protect the assets under the device-to-cloud connectivity,” said Daryl Khoo, Renesas Electronics Corporation’s Vice President, Product Marketing, IoT Platform Business Division. “Our relationship with AWS not only simplifies their path to realize IoT solutions but also facilitates outstanding performance of RX65N MCUs fully qualified with Amazon FreeRTOS. Coupled with Renesas software and development tools, we aim to deliver unmatched security, reliability and connectivity.”

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