Regulus Cyber Resolves Cross-Industry Threat of GNSS (GPS) Spoofing Attacks

January 7, 2019 Laura Dolan

Las Vegas, NV. Regulus Cyber announced it is setting out to solve the GNSS spoofing attacks threat affecting the automotive, aviation, maritime, and mobile industries, allowing them to defend themselves against this emerging concern.

The Regulus Pyramid GNSS will be applicable both as a reinforced GNSS Receiver, with spoofing attack detection capabilities, and at the chip level, enabling cellphones, cars and IoT devices to receive GNSS spoofing protection.      

It is a fully functional GNSS receiver, fortified with spoofing detection capability. The receiver differentiates between real GNSS signals and fabricated ones generated by an attacker. It will directly replace any automotive GNSS receiver. The upcoming chip level technology will transform the GNSS market by offering spoofing mitigation to any GNSS-based device, including mobile phones.

“We designed our product to be a fraction of the size that is currently available on the market so that all types of companies – whether it is a car manufacturer or telecom provider relying on GNSS – can integrate it seamlessly,” said Yonatan Zur, Regulus Cyber’s CEO. “GNSS spoofing will need to be a major security focus during 2019 since it leaves so many industries vulnerable to attacks.”

Regulus Cyber will also be appearing at CES this week, January 8-11, in booth #2602 at the Westgate.

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