Qualcomm’s RealWear and UROS to Supply Digital Advancements in Kazakhstan

April 24, 2019 Laura Dolan

SAN DIEGO, CA. Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., RealWear and UROS have joined forces to help connect Kazakhstan’s industrial workforce.

UROS will supply Qualcomm Snapdragon Mobile Platform’s RealWear HMT-1 and HMT-1Z1 voice-controlled, head-mounted devices to 10,000 front line industrial workers, enabling them to communicate with remote experts or connect to 5G and IoT sensor data.

Snapdragon’s HMT-1s are currently being used in Kazakhstan to expand a wireless e-roaming “smart connectivity” network and will supply workers with RealWear devices powered by Qualcomm Technologies.

“Qualcomm Technologies has always been committed to transforming industries and enriching lives and we are thrilled to have our technology support the next generation of mobile computing for industrial frontline workers through the efforts of RealWear and UROS,” said Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.’s Head of XR, Hugo Swart.

“We are very excited to be creating something unique and remarkable in the field of wearable solutions together with RealWear,” said CEO of UROS Group, Jerry Raatikainen. “By combining a shared vision for digital transformation and the strengths of UROS and RealWear, we will deliver great customer experiences for businesses around the world operating in the manufacturing, energy and automotive industries, to name a few. The similarities in our companies’ ethos make the partnership with RealWear a strong fit, and from a technological perspective our existing relationship with Qualcomm Technologies will contribute further momentum.”

“RealWear is proud to have HMT-1s and HMT-1Z1s help accelerate digitization in Kazakhstan with the support of UROS and Qualcomm Technologies,” said RealWear’s Cofounder and CEO, Andy Lowery. “Our collective efforts aim to enhance the quality of life and safety of Kazakhstan’s citizens through hands-free, XR computing. With RealWear’s long-term commitment towards revolutionizing industrial connectivity, we plan to incorporate the Snapdragon XR roadmap in our next generation of advanced products for the front-line workforce.”

For more information, visit https://www.qualcomm.com or www.uros.com.

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