New Aluminum Enclosures For Embedded PCs and Systems

November 18, 2019 OKW ENCLOSURES LTD

OKW has unveiled a new embedded systems version of its sophisticated SMART-TERMINAL enclosures.

SMART-TERMINAL is designed for peripheral and interface equipment, communications, safety engineering, biometrics, medical and laboratory technology, healthcare, measurement and control engineering. It can be used for desktop, handheld and wall mounted applications.

The new embedded version features flat aluminum end plates instead of the recessed plastic end covers and seals supplied with other SMART-TERMINAL versions. This reduces the case costs as the added protection provided by the more expensive covers and seals is not required for embedded PC applications. Each end plate is held in place by four readily accessible screws that sit flush in countersunk holes.

Elegant and robust SMART-TERMINAL’s matt anodized aluminum case body features a large recessed area on the top for displays, membrane keypads and operating elements. PCBs slide in and out thanks to T-groove screw channels that offer easy access to components. The base can be detached by removing six concealed Torx screws.

The new version is available in one width (6.69”) and height (1.96”) and three standard lengths: 6.45”, 8.03” and 9.60”. Custom lengths are available on request. Prices start at $73.

Accessories include a case canting kit, a wall suspension element for secure flush-mounting and PCB mounting hardware.

OKW can supply SMART-TERMINAL fully customized on request. Services include: painting in custom colors; CNC machining; lacquering; screen, tampo or digital printing of legends and logos; installation and assembly of accessories; display windows; membrane keypads and touchscreens.

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