IoT over BLE in 10 minutes with Microchip Curiosity and MikroElektronika Clicks

June 30, 2017

The following describes how to build a simple Internet of Things (IoT) data streaming application over Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) using the Microchip Curiosity High Pin Count (HPC) development board, MikroElektronika Bluetooth and gyroscope Clicks, and the MPLAB X integrated development environment (IDE). We begin by configuring Curiosity’s onboard 8-bit PIC16F18875 microcontroller (MCU) to receive orientation data from the MikroElektronika MIKROE-1379 GYRO Click using quick-start libraries recently added to the MPLAB Code Configurator (MCC). We proceed by modifying code from sample applications within MCC to instruct the MikroElektronika MIKROE-1715 BLE2 Click based on the Microchip RN4020 module to broadcast axis data from the GYRO Click. This data is received and displayed in an free Bluetooth scanner smartphone app.

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