The Need for IoT Advanced Security: Why Do-It-Yourself Isn’t Enough for IoT

November 15, 2017

Securing the billions of IoT devices already deployed is a top concern – everything from home appliances, to insulin pumps, to implanted pacemakers, to sensors deployed throughout manufacturing, to the spectrum of devices out in the wild controlling the power grid, water supply, and other utilities and services essential to daily life. 

Securing IoT components – devices, data, and the cloud  - presents a complex and critically important challenge because they nearly always live beyond the protective firewalls and layers of security found in normal enterprise and mobile computing.  To secure an IoT environment you must provide a complete solution because hackers can now look for and exploit gaps and seams from many more attack surfaces.

Even well-seasoned developers – including well-seasoned security developers – should turn to solid third-party expertise when approaching the critically important task of securing an IoT device or network.  Here’s what to look for in IoT security.

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