Hong Kong, October 25, 2019 - GOWIN Semiconductor Corp., the world's fastest growing FPGA company, will attend ET & IoT Technology 2019, held in PACIFICO YOKOHAMA, JAPAN from 20 -22 November 2019 at booth number B-15

ET (Embedded Technology) & IoT Technology 2019 is one of the largest events in Japan focusing embedded and IoT edge computing technology. In this year, the keyword of the event is "ET (embedded technology) X ET (edge technology). The event will focus on edge technology and showcase related solutions contributes to the latest IoT technology and brings excitement to the industry, "what can edge side process can deliver and what new value can be created", to promote and create new IoT service. Interested parties can visit the following link for further information of the event, http://www.jasa.or.jp/expo/english/

"As the world fastest growing FPGA company, we are excited to participate to the ET & IoT Technology in Yakohama with our Japan distribution partner, Marubun Corporation" said by Stanley Tse, Sales Director (Asia) of Gowin Semiconductor Corp and General Manager of Gowin Semiconductor Hong Kong, " Since Gowin launched our FPGA in Japan market earlier this year, we have tremendous success on getting Japanese customers on design opportunities and commitments. ET & IoT Technology 2019 focusing on IoT and edge computing solutions, which perfectly matches Gowin strategic focus market segment.  In the event, we will demonstrate our SecureFPGA and GoAI solutions, which is designed to enable high security and accelerate edge computing performance in IoT and AI applications. We believe that these solutions will create big awareness and deliver significant value to the edge computing customers attending the event."

Besides SecureFPGA and GoAI, Gowin will also demonstrate our GW1NS FPGA with embedded ARM Cortex-M and customers success showcases.

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