Enki (brand of ADEO Group) scales up Smart Home ecosystem integration thanks to MicroEJ solutions

July 9, 2020 MicroEJ

Boston, July 1st 2020. MicroEJ, the leader in trusted virtual execution environments for cost effective SoC/MCU/MPU, today announces its partnership with Leroy Merlin, leader in the home improvement and living environment market, to widely extend Enki's smart home ecosystem solutions.

Today, hundreds of connected devices are hitting the Smart Home market, resulting in multiple wireless technologies coexisting in the same environment. Enki solution, based on a multi-protocol box (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Zigbee, EnOcean, DIO, RF 433MHz) and a smartphone application, enables the management of various connected devices from different brands to work on different smart home protocols for seamless connectivity and interoperability.

In order to facilitate the integration of heterogeneous connected devices in its ecosystem, Enki partnered with MicroEJ to create a ready-to-use software component, making it possible to easily connect any wireless smart home product to Enki's cloud. This software application enables a seamless integration of Enki technology and thus reduces the time required for the integration of a new smart device into Enki's ecosystem by an average of 3 months.

Smart home device manufacturers and Enki partners can take advantage of MicroEJ's software tools provided by the ""Works with Enki"" portal for easy software development.

Enki SDK allows them, for example, to create digital twins of their device for fast prototyping, take advantage of software components (including connectivity components), and automated testing tools. Enki SDK enable over 10 million qualified engineers worldwide to collaborate in the creation of smarter, cost-efficient and secure IoT devices.

"We are particularly proud to collaborate with MicroEJ to accelerate Enki ecosystem integration"" said Pierre-Yves Hadengue, Enki Leader at Leroy Merlin. ""The realization of a universal Cloud protocol allows our partners to independently integrate their products to Enki's cloud and benefit from easy-to-use software tools to accelerate their software development. This achievement has resulted in a large increase in connected devices compatible with the Enki solution and a greater user experience for our customers."

"Our partnership with Enki by Leroy Merlin represents a major step forward for the Smart Home industry."" stated Fred Rivard, MicroEJ's CEO. ""The simulation tools offered by MICROEJ VEE trusted virtual execution environment makes it possible to forget about the constraints of embedded systems and take advantage of portable software applications on a wide variety of hardware. This simple, profitable, secure and efficient solution allows Enki to consolidate and industrialize the integration of new Smart Home products."

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