Domain experts take on data science

January 4, 2018 Seth DeLand, MathWorks

In 2018, businesses will continue to look to integrate insights derived from big data into their products, services, and operations. However, not all businesses are fortunate enough to employ a data scientist. For this reason, engineering and IT teams will continue to become more integrated and there will be increased demand for domain experts that understand the core products and services of the business. 

Software companies like MathWorks can supply these businesses with scalable data analysis tools that enable these engineers (or domain experts) to perform tasks previously exclusive to data scientists, such as developing and deploying machine learning models. Equipped with these tools, engineers can partner with (or serve as) data scientists to identify areas where data science technologies can benefit the business.

Empowering these engineers to apply data science methodologies will enable the rapid integration of big data and machine learning technologies into the services and operations of the broader organization, ultimately establishing a significant competitive advantage when offering the products and services that customers are demanding.

Seth DeLand is the product marketing manager for the data analytics group at MathWorks.



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