Dev Kit Weekly – Renesas Synergy SK-S7G2 Starter Kit

May 13, 2019 Brandon Lewis

This week's kit is the Synergy SK-S7G2 Starter Kit from Renesas Electronics, a powerful entry point for embedded developers looking for an onramp to the IoT. At the heart of the kit is, of course, a Renesas S7G2 MCU, a 240 MHz Arm Cortex-M4 with a floating-point unit (FPU), 2D drawing engine, up to 4 MB of Flash and 640 KB of SRAM.

The performance of the S7G2 not only helps drive a 2.4" QVGA TFT LCD on the board, it also enables capacitive touch sensing. Alongside IEEE 1588 Ethernet PTP, CAN, and RS-232/485 interfaces, this makes the SK-S7G2 starter kit a great place to start for industrial, consumer white goods, and other applications that require both human-machine interface (HMI) and deterministic connectivity.

Last but not least, the Synergy Software Package that comes with the kit gives you all of the development tools and hardware abstraction needed to get off the ground quickly. For example, Express Logic's ThreadX RTOS, GUIX development libraries, file system, and e2 Studio are all at your fingertips with the SK-S7G2.

As always, you can win this kit by entering the raffle using the form below (Submissions close 5/19). ONLY this week you can also win the kit and an opportunity at $100 by entering the Digi-Key Design Contest. More info on that is available at

Finally, if you want to hear more about Microsoft's recent acquisition of Express Logic, check out the latest Embedded Insiders podcast.

See you next week...

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