Bring Deterministic Data Centers To Edge Computing

March 4, 2019

Edge computing for IIoT requires end-to-end solutions capable of bringing the performance of the data center into real-time environments. But connecting embedded devices to the Internet introduces challenges, such as provisioning, remote management, endpoint security, and the complexities of data sharing across IoT and IT environments. A unified architecture for OT and IT communications can solve these challenges.

In this article IIoT engineers will learn:

•    About the OPC Foundation Unified Architecture (OPC UA) and the AVnu Alliance’s Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN) technology and how they enable OT and IT integration
•    How Time-sensitive networking (TSN) establishes nonnegotiable time boundaries—defining end-to-end transmission latencies—making TSN deterministic and real time
•    Why deterministic, low-latency connections enable factories to make real-time optimizations through software

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