ACEINNA Releases Current Sensor White Paper

May 7, 2019 Laura Dolan

ACEINNA released its new whitepaper that addresses current sensors’ basic issues and why they are important. It will benefit engineers working on power management solutions for a myriad of industrial applications. The author is Khagendra Thapa, ACEINNA’s VP of Current Sensor Product.

The white paper illustrates:

  • AMR (Anisotropic Magnetoresistive) technology 
  • How a U shaped current path architecture using two side by side AMR sensors is able to quash external magnetic fields, providing more options on the end device for sensor placement

The white paper also addresses the following applications:

  • For Server Farm and Telecom Power Supplies
  • IoT
  • Appliances, Inverters and Motor Control
  • Industrial Robots and Manufacturing Systems
  • Automotive EV Charging Stations

“Integrated, AMR based current sensors provide the best performance for the price in the industry,” said Thapa. “An AMR based sensor is especially valuable for applications where isolation is needed, due to its construction, compared to legacy methods.”

To download the white paper for free, go to:

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