AAEON Introduces Cloud Ready Solutions Powered by Microsoft Azure

May 16, 2019 Laura Dolan

Taipei, Taiwan. AAEON’s development of IoT platform solutions featuring Microsoft's IoT Plug and Play guarantees compatibility with Microsoft Azure IoT and makes execution of AIoT and cloud-connected networks simpler.

The IoT Plug and Play feature allows AAEON to provide Azure to systems that are pre-configured and certified to run and utilize powerful services such as Azure IoT Central.

"IoT Plug and Play from Microsoft enables us to create devices that are ready for Azure IoT," said the Product Manager with AAEON's IoT Department, Dennis Shih. "This helps our customers by reducing development and deployment of AIoT and IIoT networks to mere days, reducing costs and lowering the barrier of entry for independent developers and customers who have tighter budgets. Our products with IoT Plug and Play also offer a more user-friendly platform for edge solutions such as Smart Cities or Intelligent Factories.”

For more information, visit www.aaeon.com.

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