Silanna Semiconductor Fully Qualifies and Releases 33W and 65W Integrated Active-Clamp Flyback Controllers

January 16, 2020 Alix Paultre

Silanna Semiconductor released the SZ1101 and SZ1105 fully-integrated active-clamp flyback (ACF) controllers for designing high-power-density AC/DC power adapters. The SZ1101 33W version is suited for designing mobile phone travel adapters, while the SZ1105 65W version is suited for designing compact adapters for powering notebooks, video game consoles, and multi-port wall chargers.

The SZ1101 and SZ1105 Flyback PWM Controllers combine four ACF components: an advanced adaptive digital ACF controller, and three ultra-high-voltage (UHV) components – an active clamp MOSFET, an active clamp FET driver, and a startup voltage regulator. 

Key Specs:

    Input: 90 – 265 VAC
    Max Output Power: 33W (SZ1101), 65W (SZ1105)
    Output Port: USB-PD 3.0 or PPS
    Efficiency: > 94% full power efficiency with an all silicon design

Key Features:
    Integrated ultra-high-voltage active clamp FET, driver, and startup voltage regulator
    Tight switching frequency regulation for improved input EMI filter utilization
    Cycle-by-cycle adaptive digital control (OptiMode)
    Capable of over 25W/in3 power density
    Meets DoE and CoC efficiency and no-load standby power requirements

Hiccup and latched-mode versions are available immediately for both the 33W SZ1101 and the 65W SZ1105, and all parts feature the industry-standard 16-pin SOIC package. 10K-piece pricing is $1.06 for the SZ1101, and $1.22 for the SZ1105. USB-PD EVBs are also available.

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