RTI’s Medical-Grade Connectivity Framework Now Available

February 11, 2019 Laura Dolan

SUNNYVALE, CA. & ORLANDO, FL. Real-Time Innovations (RTI)’s new updates to its RTI Connext DDS, RTI Connext 6, are designed to advance the development of complex systems in the medical industry, providing medical device manufacturers with the technology advances they need to develop secure, interoperable medical devices for healthcare systems going forward.

RTI will be exhibiting Connext 6 at HIMSS 2019 in Orlando, from February 11-15, at Booth #8542. David Niewolny, RTI’s Director of Market Development, Healthcare, will also be speaking in the presentation, “Embracing the IoT: Ideas Are Easy, Execution is Hard.” 

New capabilities in Connext 6 include:

  • Increased Security 
  • Decreased Time to Market
  • Connext Product Line Scalability
  • Large Data Distribution
  • Data Extensibility
  • Data-Centric Gateways
  • Enhanced Performance

“Of all the industries adopting the IoT, the healthcare market will have one of the most profound impacts on the quality of human life,” said Niewolny. “We have the opportunity to improve patient care, make treatments more accessible and cost-effective and help generations live longer than ever before. But with this digital revolution, new systems require new technology. With Connext 6 we’ve combined our deep expertise in healthcare with our legacy of mission-critical connectivity software to introduce a medical-grade offering that meets the stringent requirements of the market. From surgical robotics to proton-beam radiation therapy, we are thrilled to work with our healthcare customers to build the connected medical systems of our future.”

For more information, please visit https://www.rti.com/.  

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