PTC, BigLever Software collaborate on IoT lifecycle management solution

April 24, 2018 Brandon Lewis

AUSTIN, TX. PTC and Big Lever Software have announced a bridge solution that integrates PTC’s WindChill Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solution with the Big Lever Gears Product Lifecycle Engineering (PLE) framework. The PTC WindChill/Big Lever Software Gears Bridge integrates PLM functionality for mechanical and business systems with feature-based PLE that can be used to manage product variations across broad portfolios. The combined solution allows organizations to improve the interoperability of tools, cross-functional alignment, and efficiencies in product manufacture, delivery, and maintenance.

"Organizations are struggling to manage the increasing demand for product sophistication and diversity, and the exponential complexity that this creates," says Dr. Charles Krueger, BigLever Software CEO. “Feature-based PLE addresses this by providing an enterprise-wide solution — one unified variation and complexity management approach across engineering and operations disciplines and software, electrical, and mechanical domains.

“This partnership with PTC is a significant step forward for BigLever and the continued expansion of the PLE Ecosystem of integrated tools, which is a vital part of our holistic onePLE solution,” he adds.

For more on the PTC WindChill/Big Lever Software Gears Bridge, visit

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