ioTium and Telit Overcome Industry 4.0 Challenges

July 18, 2019 Laura Dolan

ioTium will work with Telit in an effort to prevent industrial enterprises’ IIoT deployment complexities and management challenges confronted in Industry 4.0.

Telit will contribute its portfolio of IoT and mobile broadband modules, device connectivity plugins and industrial IoT edge software. ioTium’s cloud-managed and software-defined converged infrastructure will help industrial organizations safely connect resources to any cloud, application or IoT platform.

“With the cooperation of Telit, customers can now rapidly connect different communications protocols like BACnet, OPC, Modbus or even proprietary custom protocols to various IoT cloud offerings such as Azure IoT, Siemens MindSphere or private cloud end points,” said ioTium’s CTO, Sri Rajagopal. “All commissioning, data mapping and contextualization can now be done remotely, dramatically reducing the time and cost of flying technicians and data scientists to the site to remediate in person.”

“Our alliance with ioTium establishes a best-in-class approach for digital connectivity in the industrial world,” said Telit’s President of Strategic Partnerships, Fred Yentz. “Together, we are providing industrial enterprise customers a secure, plug-and-play way to connect any machine to cloud-based applications to capitalize on the benefits of Industry 4.0.”  

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