EFCO Releases First Industrial Embedded Vision System with AI Monitoring

December 13, 2018 Laura Dolan

TAIPEI, Taiwan – EFCO released Eagle Eyes Embedded Vision Systems, a series of fanless box computers for machine vision applications. It is the first to offer artificial intelligence monitoring and predictive maintenance through the company’s EKit software package.

Based on EFCO’s proprietary AI algorithms, Eagle Eyes’ intelligent EKit collects data from the device and completes dynamic, real-time monitoring of system behavior. An important feature of Eagle Eyes is its Dynamic Digital Module (DDM), as it vigorously displays system information including CPU temperature, power consumption, RTC battery voltage, DC voltage, hardware health, and PoE status, as well as adapted customer information.

The EKit guarantees that the system maintains constant stability and offers plenty of warning if proactive trouble-shooting is required, preventing unpredictable losses due to sudden, or unexpected operating failures.

“Industrial image processing will become indispensable for Industry 4.0 and the IIoT,” said Mike Chao, EFCO’s President. “While PC performance has significantly improved in recent years, image processing puts extreme performance requirements on the computers and operating system. Specialized image processing machines that are task-optimized for applications such as factory automation, machine vision, and transportation logistics, are required to ensure reliability. In addition, because reliability is so critical in many of these applications, EFCO is incorporating artificial intelligence into its devices to detect problems and trigger predictive maintenance.”

For more information, please visit: www.efcotec.com.

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