AIWAYS to Release U5 in Europe with Lengthiest EV Prototype Drive

July 12, 2019 Laura Dolan

AIWAYS will attempt to execute the longest point-to-point drive of a prototype electric vehicle as part of its U5 battery-electric SUV comprehensive test and development program. The inaugural vehicle will be released in Europe in April 2020 by a Chinese brand.

The prototype drive is 14,231 km long (8,843 miles) starting in Xi’an, capital of Shaanxi Province, China. It marks the beginning of the Silk Road and signifies trading, cultural exchange and communication between China and Europe.

AIWAYS intends to prove the U5 will provide real-world functionality, reliability and distance demanded by European consumers. Engineers will also explore how it's possible to coexist with the U5, driving and recharging as they travel through numerous countries where temperatures, road conditions and available charging infrastructures are all unique.

The two U5 prototype vehicles will begin their journey on July 17.

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