DevKit Giveaway & Year-End Design Contest

January 25, 2019

Here’s how it works:

Digi-Key Electronics is partnering with Embedded Computing Design to launch a monthly giveaway of its partners’ development kits. Each month, a different kit from a leading manufacturer will be featured. A total of five names will be chosen at random at the end of each month to receive the featured Dev Kit.

Then, those lucky winners can compete in a design challenge to win a $100 prize at the end of the month and are eligible for the Grand Prize of $4000 at the end of the year. In each case, all we are requiring is a “paper design,” whereby you tell us—very specifically—what you end product would look like, what functions it would have, why it would be a success in the market, and your expected bill of materials.

For timing, the winners selected at the end of February would have to send us their design by the end of March, and so on. Send the design to Rich Nass, EVP of Embedded Computing Design. The last giveaways will occur at the end of November 2019, so we’ll determine the overall Grand Prize winner in early 2020.

Learn more about the giveaway here.

DevKits for June:

Silicon Labs Universal Bee Starter Kit

The Silicon Labs EFM8 Universal Bee Starter Kit provides a starting point to evaluate and develop EMIF and USB applications on the EFM8 Universal Bee MCUs. The SLSTK2001A starter kit can be used to evaluate EFM8UB2 set of devices. In addition to USB support this kit includes the EFM8UB20F64G-A-QFP48 MCU with EMIF support and operating up to 48 MHz. The EFM8UB20F64G-A-QFP48 MCU includes 64 kB of Flash, 4352 B of RAM.

Silicon Labs AMW007 Expansion Board

The AMW007-E04 evaluation board lets developers evaluate the Gecko OS with the surface mounted AMWxx7 module. Using the AMWxx7 module is relatively painless. You simply plug the board into a standard PC using a USB cable or into one of Silicon Labs MCU evaluation kits using the EXP interface.

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